Monday, March 14, 2011


From high above in conifers she sings,
With dual voices simultaneously heard,
The varied thrush a shy retiring bird,
Whose simple haunting song in forest rings.
For years I wondered who composed the song,
While walking in the rain among the trees;
I heard the high-pitched notes my ear to please,
Though ignorant to whom the call belonged.
We learn the names of countless feathered wings,
Their shapes and colors, food and habitat,
The chickadee, the junco and nuthatch,
Their sight and song a fleeting glory brings.
To match the thrush song to the varied thrush
A gift of orange wonder under brush. 

~David Robinson, 3.3.11


Sueso said...

This is the one that always haunted me...the Swainson's Thrush.

Sueso said...

Wait...this one's better! Always noticed them when we were camping in the woods...Finally with the internet the mystery was solved! Thank you for the lovely words...Sue Bastiani